Medical Skin Concerns

At Skin Savior, Dr. Richard Sherman believes that healthy skin is the foundation of beautiful skin. As a dermatologist, he specializes in a variety of medical and surgical skin care treatments to help you maintain a clear, even, and smooth complexion. During the consultation process, Dr. Sherman will diagnose any skin irregularities, discuss your concerns and expectations, and recommend an appropriate treatment plan. We also offer custom-tailored skin care regimes designed to cleanse, hydrate, and protect your skin.

Below, you will find information about some of our patients’ most common skin concerns. If you have more questions about skin irregularities – including acne, warts, rosacea, rashes, pigmentation, moles, or skin cancer – please contact us today to schedule an appointment.


Acne forms as a response to clogged oil glands or skin ducts, and this common skin concern is often caused by a buildup of sebum, oil, or dead skin cells. Not all acne is the same, and the condition can manifest as blackheads, whiteheads, papules, pustules, cysts, or nodules. In many cases, patients will have a combination of two or more types of acne. Dr. Sherman can diagnose the type of acne you have, review some basic techniques to control future acne outbreaks, and design a customized treatment plan if your complexion does not dramatically improve.


Warts develop as a response to the human papilloma virus. While warts will often go away naturally, this process typically takes a very long time. Topical wart treatments or cryotherapy (wart removal with liquid nitrogen) can offer a much faster solution.


Rosacea is a condition that causes patients to easily flush or develop persistent redness. Patients with moderate to severe rosacea may find that their skin is prone to texture changes (such as bumps, dryness, rough patches, or thickening of the skin). In addition to reviewing common rosacea triggers to avoid, Dr. Sherman can use light therapies or prescription medication to help relieve these symptoms.


Many of our patients have areas of hyperpigmentation that make them feel self conscious. This common skin condition is most often caused by environmental factors, hormones, or the natural aging process. Sun spots, age spots or melisma (areas of discolored facial skin) can all be addressed with treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, prescription medications, or laser light therapies. Dr. Sherman will help determine which hyperpigmentation treatment can best meet your unique needs.

Skin Cancer Screening & Treatment

Though often linked to excessive sun exposure, environmental factors, or genetics, skin cancer can affect anyone. Typically classified as melanoma or non-melanoma, skin cancer can sometimes spread and cause lasting damage when left untreated. If you have sores that do not heal or unusual dark moles, Dr. Sherman recommends scheduling a skin cancer screening as soon as possible. Treatment options such as Mohs surgery can eliminate cancerous cells and prevent the advancement of the disease. Routine at-home surveillance with self exams combined with in-office screening is an important part of diagnosis, prevention, and treatment.