COOLA® Organic Sunscreen

At Skin Savior, we take sun protection very seriously. Protecting the skin against the sun’s UV rays can be one of the most important factors for minimizing visible signs of age, and Dr. Richard Sherman recommends wearing a sunscreen everyday. When combined with routine skin cancer screenings, sunscreen can play a vital role in the prevention of both melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer. Dr. Sherman and his knowledgeable team of aestheticians recommend COOLA® sunscreens to both protect and nourish the skin, allowing you to fully enjoy the outdoors while maintaining your skin’s natural beauty.

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COOLA® is a unique line of sunscreen products based out of San Diego that focuses on natural, organic formulas—and most contain over 70% certified organic ingredients. These luxury sun and skincare products adhere to the company’s Farm to Face® sourcing philosophy, which prioritizes formulas based upon foods and ingredients we would feel safe eating as well as putting on the skin. All COOLA® sunscreens offer broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection without the use of parabens, paba, or phthalates. Plant Protection® provides additional protection from the sun with age-defying, antioxidant-rich ingredients.

From the perspective of a cosmetic dermatologist, COOLA® offers the rare benefit of sunscreens specifically designed for every skin type and activity level. These award-winning sunscreens are clinically tested according to FDA standards. They also take advantage of small-batch production to frequently reformulate, utilizing the latest scientific developments for continual improvement. Both classic and mineral-based sunscreen formulas are available. To learn how to best protect your skin with COOLA® sunscreens, please contact our office today.