GLAMGLOW® was originally designed as an instant skin rejuvenator to make Hollywood actors instantly camera ready. Before the brand even had a name, the “magic mud” quickly acquired a devoted following consisting of major studios, makeup artists, and A-list actors. The industry success of GLAMGLOW® eventually led to wide distribution in 2011, and these award-winning products are now sold in luxury retail stores in 86 countries. At Skin Savior, Dr. Richard Sherman offers a number of GLAMGLOW® products that can quickly and effectively revitalize the skin:

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YOUTHMUD® Tinglexfoliate Treatment is GLAMGLOW®’s original product, and is often referred to as a 10-minute “facial in a jar.” Designed for both men and women, this product gently exfoliates for smooth, soft, radiant skin and a more youthful appearance.


SUPERMUD® Clearing Treatment uses a scientifically advanced formula to clear up many common skin concerns, including enlarged pores and acne. As with many acne solutions, sun exposure should be limited while using this product. This product is not ideal for men or women with sensitive skin.


THIRSTYMUD™ Hydrating Treatment is designed to replenish and nourish dry or irritated skin, and can be used day or night. Designed for men and women, THIRSTYMUD™ is formulated with advanced hydration active technologies to achieve glowing, revitalized skin. THIRSTYMUD™ can refresh the appearance of the face, neck, and décolleté.


FLASHMUD™ Brightening Treatment provides men and women with more luminous skin. The product’s TEAOXI® technology utilizes white birch leaf as a natural source of betulin, betulinic acid, and ellagic acid to achieve a more even skin tone. Flashlucent™ uses multi-level exfoliants to improve the effectiveness of the product while WhiteEnergy™ employs natural actives for brilliant results. Finally, Reflectrum™ is composed of diamond photoluminescence to boost the skin’s reflective quality for a radiant, youthful look.

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