NEOVA® SmartSkincare 

NEOVA® is the leading innovator in the repair and prevention of photoaging. After developing US-patented formulas that were the first to successfully utilize DNA repair enzymes, the brand now features a wide array of skincare products. Dr. Richard Sherman and our Skin Savior aestheticians recommend NEOVA® products for both post-procedural care and daily skincare.

These award-winning formulas can treat and prevent common skin concerns such as:

  • Visible sun damage
  • UV radiation
  • Discoloration
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Cellular damage
  • Pre-cancer pigmentation

The DNA Total Repair Serum uses Nobel prize-winning technology to repair sun-inflicted DNA damage, which treats visible signs of photoaging directly at the source. DNA repair enzymes diminish visible damage–such as discoloration, fine lines, and wrinkles–as well as protect against future photodamage. Innovations such as these earned the brand a reputation for revolutionizing care for photodamaged skin.

NEOVA® products with Copper Peptide Complex® use patented Cu3 formulas to minimize post-procedural downtime and accelerate the healing process. These copper micronutrients hydrate and soothe tender skin, which can optimize the outcome of many procedures including:

For post-procedure care, our Skin Savior aestheticians typically recommend NEOVA® Body Repair lotion, Cu3 Transforming Gel, Cu3 Tissue Repair, or Cu3 Recovery Spray.  For people looking to elevate their day-to-day skincare routine, NEOVA® DNA Total Repair, Ultimate Redness Relief, and Cu3 Lip Repair are popular choices.

For more information about the NEOVA® products available at our Skin Savior office in New Orleans, please contact us today.